America’s Manifest Destiny By Dr. Robert Mawire


According to the author, America has always had an enormous place in the destiny of mankind. He understands the link between prophecy and historical events, and issues a clarion cry that American spirituality is the missing dimension during the greatest hour in the history of the nation. (Christian)



Dr. Robert Mawire was born and raised in Rhodesia, where his parents were native missionaries helping western missionaries translate. He grew up in a war-torn country before leaving in 1976 to graduate from Worldview College Tasmania, Australia, and eventually coming to America under God’s divine guidance in 1979.

For the past almost 40 years, Dr. Robert Mawire has been a pastor ministering in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Since 2002, Dr. Mawire has served as the Chairman and CEO of WRNO Worldwide. He is the founder of Good News Israel, Hope for Africa, Good News World Outreach and Gerizim Technologies. Dr. Mawire is also the co-founder of Good News Ariel FM106 radio station and Good News TV station Ariel, Israel.

He is a spiritual leader and counselor to many world leaders along with being the author of several highly recommended books such as Top Secrets Revealed and Chronogram Code.


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